U.S. States That Allow Shipping Container Homes

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The popularity of container homes has risen rapidly in recent years – the stylish and contemporary vibe it oozes out is one of the many contributing factors.

Compared to traditional homes, these homes are way more kind to your wallet. These are a lot easier to build too. And to top it off, the shipping containers are strong and durable.

But you can only avail yourself of the chance to build one of your own if you are legally allowed to do so. So now you might be asking; What states allow shipping container homes?

And today you will know all about it.

U.S. States That Allow Shipping Container Homes

Due to its admiration, more and more U.S. states are becoming progressively less stern about this. But of course, like most things, this too will take time. So, not all states are fully ready to hop on the train yet. But, the more important questions are –

  • Which States Allow Shipping Container Homes?

Some states that allow them are Texas, Alaska, Louisiana, Oregon, California, Tennessee, and Missouri. But only because they allow them to be built does that mean you could just build one.

Unfortunately, the process to get the permit might not be very straightforward. Before you get to build one, you have to be fully aware of the set of codes that you have to comply with. 

  • Who Will Guide You Through the Codes and Requirements?

The body of authority responsible for it is ICC or International Code Council. So, before designing a home, you need to be conscious of the zoning requirements, codes, rules, and regulations in your state. And the ICC will guide you through. The next logical question is –

  • Is It Easy to Adhere to the Codes and Get the Permit?

Now, if you get started with the process and abide by all the laws in your state, there is a strong possibility of you actually being able to get the permit. But there is also another significant factor that goes into this.

A huge deciding factor is what type of shipping container house you are thinking about making. There are two ways you can go: Modular structure and Mobile structure.

If you opt for the modular structure, the process could be a little easier since they are permanent. ICC is in charge of them since they follow the Building Codes imposed by them. 

But the mobile structure is a totally different story. That is because mobile structures are not permanent establishments, so the rulings are a little tighter. Some states go as far as banning them.


Now you know what states allow shipping container homes. Although the process is a tad complicated, it certainly isn’t impossible.

So, to recap, first, you need to know whether or not your state even allows shipping container homes. Then after deciding on the type and size of the home, you will be informed about the building codes and zoning requirements. 

After doing all these, you should be ready to design and ultimately build your very own shipping container home. They can be a reasonable and futureproof housing option, providing both style and practicality.

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