Shipping Container Pools: Features, Benefits and Cost

Blue pool built from a shipping container

Shipping container pools have recently caught the attention of a lot of people who want a swimming pool in their backyard at an affordable cost. We all search for ideas that can help reduce the cost and provide high effectiveness. Converting shipping containers into pools is one of those brilliant ideas that you can execute to fulfill your dream. 

This guide will help you understand why you should choose shipping container pools for your backyard and how you can install them. It will also provide you with information about all the features that shipping container pools come with.

Why should you choose shipping container pools?

Shipping containers have become quite popular because of their use in different areas apart from transporting goods. These containers can be turned into homes, drive-thru restaurants, storage units, pools, etc. The affordability and effectiveness make them an easy choice, and their environmental-friendly nature puts the icing on the cake. 

After serving their time on the ship carrying goods and other materials, these containers are dumped, and all their metal goes to waste. So, turning them into homes or pools to make good use of them reduces the wastage of such valuable resources.

How to install a shipping container pool?

Installing a shipping container pool is not difficult, but you have a high chance of demolishing your whole backyard if the installation process is not performed properly. For that reason, we have come up with the best guide to help you understand the process step by step for its proper execution.

Your first task is to get permission to install your shipping container pool in your backyard. Your local housing authority might not like your shipping container pool idea, so you will need to showcase a bit of your persuasive skills to get permission. Getting permission means that the fish is out of the water, and you just need to cook it. But hold on, cooking is not that easy either, so keep on reading the article to get the job done with perfection.

Container pool being built

Ideal Container size for your pool

Choose the size of the container depending on the space in your backyard. Shipping containers come in two sizes, 20 by 8 feet and 40 by 8 feet. Both sizes are 8 feet 6 inches tall, but keep in mind that they will be a bit higher if you choose a high cube container. You need to set the depth of your pool by cutting the container, so make sure that you pick the right size to reduce the effort required for cutting.

Container pool foundation and filtration system

Using a concrete slab for the foundation of your container pool is the most important task that you need to perform. The base or foundation allows the container to sit strong and firm in its position for a longer period, increasing durability and effectiveness. 

Shipping containers are not made for carrying water inside them, so reinforcing the walls is equally important as its foundation. You can use watertight welding processes and materials for reinforcement. Make sure that all the steel sheets inside the container are secured to prevent any possible water leakage.

Setting up a good filtration system requires expertise in working with steel containers, so make sure that you hire professional engineers and contractors to set up all the pipes in the right place to make the filtration system work from the start.

Shipping container pool placement

You can either place your shipping container pool above the ground or in-ground. Both options have their pros and cons, so it is up to you to decide which option suits you the best.

In-ground placement

Just like any traditional swimming pool, containers can be placed deep inside the ground with their top leveling the surface of your backyard. This method can be costly as a lot of digging will be required to make a proper sitting space for your pool. The benefit of in-ground pools is that you can have multiple entry and exit points. You can dive into the pool and get out of it from wherever you want.

Above-the-ground placement

Placing your pool above the ground will reduce the digging cost by a huge margin. You will be able to build a pool without spending a lot of money. However, the downside of it is that you will have only one or two entry or exit points. Since you will be using a ladder to climb to the top of the container, exiting would require swimming back to the same point. Moreover, placing your pool above the ground would be less appealing to the eye than in-ground.

Cost of a shipping container pool

The cost of a shipping container pool is less than any traditional in-ground swimming pool. These containers provide you an option to build your own swimming pool for as low as 17000 dollars. An in-ground shipping container costs way more than above the ground, so choose one according to your budget.

In-ground containers cost around 35000 to 65000 dollars, which is a lot cheaper than a conventional swimming pool. If this price range is out of your budget, you can go for a more affordable above-the-ground container pool that costs only 17000 to 40000 dollars.

Man using calculator to figure out how much a shipping container pool will cost

Rust prevention measures

When you hear about water inside a steel container, the first thing that will come to your mind is how to protect it from rusting. There are a few effective methods that you can use to prevent your shipping container pool from rusting.

The first method is to apply the coating of zinc paint on the walls of the container. It will protect the walls from rusting. However, keep in mind that this method would not make your shipping container rust-resistant completely, but it would certainly slow down the process.

Another method of preventing rust is fiberglass coating on the container’s walls. It helps the walls to get an extra shield to increase their lifespan. Container walls are durable and strong; they can last for decades if the installation is done correctly.

Decorating shipping container pools

Installation of your container pool does not end the process. There is a beauty enhancement option that you can choose to make your shipping container look absolutely amazing, which is to decorate the walls of the container pool by matching them with your backyard colors. 

Choosing an above-the-ground shipping container pool allows you to paint the outside walls with different colors and designs to make it look more appealing to the eye. You can set them apart to take them to a league of their own by filling the walls with mesmerizing designs.

 We advise you to use multiple containers to separate the pool with shallow water for your kids and the one with deep water for adults. Decorate your kid’s pool with their favorite characters to make them enjoy their swimming experience to its fullest.

Can you move your container pool?

Yes, you can move your container pool with you if you decide to change your house. Unlike traditional pools, you can shift the whole pool to your new house, which makes each and every penny spent on its construction worth it. 

There are a few methods by which you can move your pool, but we would advise you to use a crane as it helps complete the whole shifting in just a few minutes. However, this should not be done on a daily basis because of the high cost of shifting and possible damage to the whole setup while shifting.

Different ways of using container pools

Container pools provide a variety of features that allows you to use them for different purposes. Whether you want to use them for training or for your kids to play, these pools can be designed to fulfill different requirements of you and your family members.

You can use an elongated shipping container if you want to use them for training purposes. It will help you set proper laps. Moreover, these pools can be used simultaneously for you and your kids by setting dividers that separate the pool into different sections. Each section can be used for a different purpose, so your whole family can enjoy swimming in one container without getting in the way of each other.

Other features include the addition of doors, glass, and ladders, which further intensify its beauty of it by giving it a modern touch. However, the use of its features completely depends on your personality and style.


Shipping container pools are best for you and your family. They come in 20- and 40-foot sizes, which can be reduced to set the depth of the pool according to your liking. You can also use multiple containers of small sizes to separate yours from the one for your kids. These containers are not as expensive as other conventional pools, and their installation would not require a lot of time and effort if you choose to place them above the ground.