5 Ways to Get Financing for your Shipping Container Home

A beige single container home in the woods

Everyone dreams of having his own house designed according to his ideas and preferences. Shipping container homes make it possible as they are not as expensive as other housing methods. There are a lot of options for shipping container home financing. Some of them are discussed in this article to help you build your dream house.

Difficulties in shipping container home financing

Financing for shipping containers does not work like any traditional home construction. Many states do not allow shipping container homes, whereas some of them set regulations that are difficult to follow. You will listen to these statements many times when you ask for financing.

  • We cannot lend you money because shipping containers are not permanent homes.
  • We don’t know what shipping container homes are
  • We can only finance traditionally constructed homes.

With time, most companies have recognized the importance of shipping container homes. They have introduced packages that make it possible for an average citizen to construct a custom home complete with windows, heating, air conditioning, and more. Some of the companies are Container Home Financing, Acorn Finance, and Bob’s Containers.

Solutions for Shipping container home financing

We have listed some methods by which you can easily buy a shipping container and build a home inside later.


Personal loans are one of the easiest methods to buy a shipping container. Interest rates on loans are dependent upon the credit score, so we advise you to use this method if your credit score is good enough to make the interest as low as possible.

Personal savings

Building a container with the help of your personal savings takes a lot of time to complete the construction. It is due to the availability of the funds at the right time. You can start by saving up for a shipping container only and start converting it into a home later when the funds are available. The biggest advantage of personal savings is that it doesn’t leave you in debt once you finish constructing your house.


Microfinancing now allows funding options for many other purposes than entrepreneurial activity or small business startups. You can check your nearest microfinancing institutions for the deals that provide the best rates.

Financing from manufacturer

Readymade shipping container homes are also available in the market. You can talk to the home manufacturer about financing schemes to get possession of your home early with easy installment plans.

Borrowing from friends

Borrowing from friends or family members is also a good option, as it does not require any formal agreement. Money lending is based purely on trust, and interest rates will be quite low to none. If you want to keep things clear from the start, you can also contact a lawyer to sign a formal agreement between you and your friend.


Building your home requires a lot of money these days. An average human being cannot afford to buy his own house in most countries these days. We have discussed some options that you can choose to secure your own house in only a few years.

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