Air Conditioning for a Shipping Container Home

AC unit for a shipping container home

Life inside a shipping container is not so different from a regular home, but it has some exceptions. Maintaining a stable temperature inside a shipping container requires proper cutting of windows and air vents to allow airflow. Air conditioning for a shipping container home requires a good knowledge of installing them properly.

Factors to consider before choosing an A/C

Yes, you can place an air conditioner inside your shipping container. It may seem like a difficult job to cut a box in steel to fit an air conditioner, but it is not as difficult as it looks. We will discuss the right-sized air conditioners for your container home so that you can get the full experience of a luxury house.

Before choosing an air conditioner for your house, you need to determine the climate situation in the area where you will place the container. Once you have noted down the climate condition for the most part of the year, then you can move towards choosing you’re A/C.

Which Air conditioner is best for shipping containers

An HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system can be installed to get the best output, solving all your air conditioning demands. They require proper cutting of the steel depending upon the size of the whole system. We recommend you use a PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioning), a self-contained air conditioning unit that is best for cooling small rooms. You might have seen one in a hotel or motel room, cooling or heating the whole room instantly with its amazing air conditioning power.

Ideal air conditioner size

If your room is smaller than average, we would advise you to use a 12k through the wall PTAC unit. They require less power than any size bigger than that. An average unit requires a 220v power source, but installing a 12k PTAC unit will allow you to plug it in a 110v power source that you use for your regular toaster.

Electricity source

You can provide electricity to your air conditioner through traditional electricity. If you do not have electricity available in your area, you can use propane tanks or solar panels. You can also use the insulation method to improve the air condition inside the house. Tiny houses can easily be managed if you exactly know what to do with your shipping container walls or foundation.

Other Air conditioning methods

Installing an air conditioning unit inside is not the only option to improve the temperature. You can also install air vents at the right place to improve the airflow that allows more fresh air to get inside. Cutting the right number of windows is another essential element that must be done very carefully. These factors contribute a lot to the overall performance of your shipping container home.


Air conditioning for a shipping container home is quite easy, but its proper execution needs some knowledge of installation methods. For that purpose, we have provided a complete guide on how you can choose and install the right air conditioning system in your shipping container home.

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