7 Basic Steps to Convert a Shipping Container into a Home

Shipping container being converted into a home

Shipping containers are used to transport goods, but you can also use them to build homes after they serve their time on ships carrying goods. These containers are quite durable and strong to become the base of your house, but there is always a question that arises very often: “how to convert a shipping container into a home.”

Why convert a shipping container into a home?

These containers are less expensive than building a house from the ground, which allows most people to fulfill their dream of building their own house with the design they crave. They are also very easy to construct; moreover, you can also move them with the help of any shipping transportation service.

Things to consider before buying a shipping container home

We have listed some important things you need to consider before building your home. These include

  • Permission to build a home by using a shipping container.
  • Buy from a trusted site such as amazon.
  • Inspect the container carefully by looking at the pictures closely and carefully while buying online. 

How to convert a shipping container into a home?

Once you’ve decided to build a home using a shipping container, follow these steps one after another to execute the conversion process properly.


Now is the time to think like a professional architect. Designing is the most important phase of your home construction. You need to draw the whole map of your house specifying each room, lounge, bathroom, and kitchen. It should also contain the number of doors and passageways you need in your house.

Land selection

Once you are done with your design, it is time to select a big enough land to fit your whole design. It is also important to decide whether you want an elevated house or on the ground. You can use concrete slabs, concrete piers, or steel plates to set your home’s foundation. Please ensure that the land is clear and level, allowing a smooth container delivery.

Buying and placing a shipping container

You can choose from used and new shipping containers depending upon your budget. More important is how you get it delivered. We advise you to contact a forklift or crane company to get it delivered to you. Moreover, used containers must be checked carefully before buying.

Connecting containers (If any)

Connecting multiple containers is also an option if you want to make your living space bigger. You can use welding, bolting, or clamping methods to connect the two containers.

Cutting windows and doors

The next step is to get back to your design and identify places where you need your doors and windows to be placed. Cut the opening depending upon your desired door and window size and reinforce it to make it stand strong in its position.

Preparing the container

There is one more step before decorating your container. You need to make sure that you set the frame, floor, and electrical system with the help of experts.


The most fun part is decorating your precious house. Decorate it with modern design furniture and lights to make it more appealing to the eye. You can also hire an interior designer to help you decorate your dream house.

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