How To Transform A Shipping Container Into A Home

Shipping container home under construction

Purchasing a new home can be a costly process. If you’re searching to save money on your next real estate endeavor, why not consider turning a shipping container into your next home. In this guide, we’ll show you what’s involved in transforming a used shipping container into a home that anyone would be happy to call it!

Here’s how you can turn one into a tiny home for yourself:

Designing Your Shipping Container Home 

The first step in building your own shipping container home is coming up with an idea of what you want it to look like. For example, you might want a single-level space with no bedrooms or a two-story dwelling with multiple rooms. 

Prepare your land 

Before you start converting your shipping container into a home, make sure your land is up to code and ready for construction. You may need to get permits and have inspections before you start building.

Design your house 

A shipping container is just like a large box, so it’s important to consider how you’ll turn it into a livable space. Think about what floor plan will work best and where the windows and doors will go. Make sure there’s enough space for all of the rooms you want in your tiny home.

Choose and Buy Your Shipping Container 

When choosing your shipping container, try to get the best condition you can. Look for one without any major dents or rust spots. A small amount of surface rust is okay, but for safety reasons, it should not be rusted through anywhere. You’ll want a container with a locking mechanism on the doors so you can keep all your stuff inside secure.

Receive Your Container 

You’re going to need some help here. You could hire a crane to lift the container off of the truck, but it’s probably easier and cheaper to have the truck company drop it off on the ground.

Connect Your Containers 

Connecting containers is crucial to building a larger house. You could connect them side-by-side or end-to-end. Be sure to weld them together using 4mm steel plates and check for squareness using the 3-4-5 rule.

Cut Your Openings 

You’ll need to cut the doors and windows in your container with an angle grinder. Make sure you wear protective equipment!

Frame, Sheath, and Add Insulation 

Place your container on a level surface and build a floor frame of 2-by-4s around the perimeter of the container, leaving room to insulate it. Sheath the outside with plywood, and then add your insulation. Follow this up by sheathing the interior of the walls with plywood as well. Finally, lay down subflooring in your container.


So there you have it: everything you require to learn about converting a shipping container into a tiny home. We believe this post gave you some insight into the finer points of shipping container home design. They’re becoming more and more famous all the time, and one day soon, they may be your only option for a cheap, sustainable home!

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