Do Shipping Container Homes Need A Roof?

Container home with a roof

Do you live in a shipping container home? Have you ever wondered if a roof is necessary? Container homes are growing in popularity throughout the world. They’re a fast, affordable, and eco-friendly way to build a home. If you are in the way of building your own container home or have just finished building one, then this post is definitely for you.

Do shipping container homes have roofs?

It depends on your budget and whether you plan to live in it full time. Shipping containers are designed to be used as storage units and have a very small interior space. The only purpose of a shipping container is to protect the contents from rain or snow. 

Building a roof over the shipping container would increase the home’s square footage, but it would also require more insulation and cost more money.

What is the Need for Roof in Container Homes?

It adds structural support to the home by making it more rigid. It adds an extra layer between the interior of your home and the outside world, which improves efficiency by keeping the hot air in during winter. It helps protect your belongings (furniture, electronics, and clothing) from exposure to moisture.

Different Roof Styles for shipping container homes:

  • Shed Roof 

The shed roof, also known as a skillion, is the simplest type of roof. It is a single slope that can be either flat or pitched roof and easily constructed from two shipping containers with a primary ridge beam. The only downside is that it has to be built on flat land, so it’s not a good choice for hilly/sloping sites.

  • Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are the most common roof style for shipping containers. These types of roofs can be made with various materials, such as corrugated metal, wood, and more. The main advantage of these roofs is that they are simple to build. Flat roofs are also very versatile, allowing you to build a different deck or patio on top of your existing home.

  • Gable Roofs 

The gable roof is the most commonly used roof design for single-family homes in North America. They’re usually sloped on either side with two gable ends at the top of each slope. This type of roof is convenient to build and will allow you to add additional space within your container house’s attic. 

  • Mono-Pitched Roofs 

Mono-pitched roofs are similar to gable roofs but usually have only one pitch instead of two. They can be built using multiple materials and are best suited for smaller container homes or those where you want easy access to an attic area. 


It does not truly matter if you build your shipping container home with or without a roof. There are benefits and downfalls for each. But if done properly, a container home will not only look good but offer a wind-proof and waterproof structure, which is what matters the most to some people.

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