How to Stack a Shipping Container Home

shipping container being lowered into a yard

Stacking shipping containers to create homes has become popular with those seeking low-cost, durable homes. Since the structures aren’t built until they’re completed, their inherent lack of interior walls makes them tricky to navigate. However, they are quite livable Once you’ve constructed your dream home, you’re free to live in it year-round.

Stacked container home

Stacked container homes are a popular choice among overseas shipping companies, and may be available to overseas workers seeking permanent housing in countries where landlords are unwilling to rent to foreigners. The unusual shape of some shipping containers makes them useful as additional rooms in multi-story homes.

Steps to Stack a Shipping Container Home

  • Deconstruct the shipping container to 20 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet to fit into the chassis of a car or small truck [1]
  • Install insulation (fiberglass or repurposed denim reused denim [1]) on all containers and cut windows into walls [1]
  • Anchor the container to the chassis with a wooden post or metal bracket and bolt through the chassis and the posts
  • Add room to top and bottom floors with plywood so you can stand them firmly
  • Install floors using 1/4-inch plywood Set the top floor in place and fasten it down with nails. Then sink 2 x 4s through the plywood and into the floor joists. Use screws to attach the sides to the frame.
  • Attach walls the same way Bottom floor is now assembled and ready to be installed on the chassis
    Add plywood to floor joists

Other Things to Consider When Stacking Containers

Two containers stacked on top of each other
  • Have you confirmed the dimensions of the shipping container you need?
  • Do you need a permit to use a shipping container? If so, from who?
  • Is it safe for an adult to stand on the shipping containers with no in-between steps?
  • What should you nail to the floor to help keep the containers in place?
  • How did you secure the walls from one another?

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