How to Move a Shipping Container Home?

A container home being loaded onto a transport truck

It’s not a surprise that more and more people are opting for shipping container homes. They’re affordable, sustainable, and customizable, which is why they’re becoming so popular. 

But what happens when it’s time to move your container home? In this article, we’ll talk about how to move a shipping container home without breaking the bank. 

You can try to move it yourself. But more than often, you would have to hire a specialist team. Heavy machinery like forklifts cranes needs to be used alongside trucks and lorries for transportation. The cost would also differ. Let’s talk about it in detail.

How to Move a Shipping Container Home?

You can move your shipping container home. Depending on the complexity of your container home and your budget, your transfer will be more or less difficult. Let’s break down the process –

Separating the Parts of Your Home

The overall structure may be bulky or convoluted. If you disassemble it before you transport it, it will be much easier for you. Empty the house and disassemble all of its components first. 

You can skip this stage if your shipping container home isn’t too complicated.

Moving the Shipping Containers

Shipping containers can be disassembled before they can be transported; it can be a lot easier to move. Transport will necessitate the use of a specialized truck. Now you have different options to carry out this job. Here are some lucrative options for you –

  • Moving with Truck

The truck is one of the most popular options when it comes to transporting something very big. You can use this safe option, and here I have 3 different types of truck recommendations for you:

  1. Tilt Bed Truck

If you want to move it for a very short distance, this can be your best option. 

  1. The Flatbed Truck

Yes, this is the option for you if you want to go more than 200 miles.

  1. The Step Deck Truck

If you got higher containers, a height of around 9.5 feet, this is your option.

  • Moving with a Crane

This is best suited for shipping larger containers. Several containers can be stacked and transported simultaneously. Containers may be moved over obstacles with this method, which is one of its primary applications.

  • Moving with a Forklift

If you have very long shipping containers, this method is the best for you. You can move 15 to 35 feet long containers by this forklift. 

Once you get there, just unload the containers, and you are done with the job. Here is how you can move these giant containers smoothly and efficiently.


Now, you are aware of how to move a shipping container home. You won’t have any problems transporting your shipping container home if you follow these simple instructions.

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